AEA Resources: Articles, Links, and Tools From An Event Apart DC 2014

An Event Apart DC is all done. Enjoy these show-related articles, links, and tools courtesy of your fellow attendees and our fabulous speakers.

Image: Jeffrey Zeldman

An Event Apart DC is now wrapping up. Enjoy these show-related articles, links, and tools courtesy of your fellow attendees and our fabulous speakers. Then bookmark this page and come back for even more resources, coming soon.

Attendee Write-ups

Michael Ellis, Designernaut

Jeffrey Zeldman Whitney Hess Jonathan Hoefler Luke Wroblewski Josh Clark Jared M. Spool Daniel Mall Derek Featherstone Jaimee Newberry Chris Coyier Sarah Parmenter Kevin M. Hoffman

Sketchnotes by Jason Garber

Whitney Hess Daniel Mall Derek Featherstone – Responsive Design and Accessibility day

Sketchnotes by Jake Palmer

PDF: Sketchnotes for All Three Days of AEA DC

Chris Davis

Day One Day Two

Colin Eagan

An Event Apart DC – Show Recap

Luke Wroblewski


Presentation-Related Articles and Projects

Chris Coyier SVG Presentation Related

CSS-TRICKS “How to Use SVG”—A wonderfully huge compendium of rich SVG info. Link after link after link after link of linky SVG goodness, curated by Mr. Coyier himself. Give yourself a few hours to enjoy, and dive in!

Daniel Mall Presentation Related

The Elements of Content Strategy An open redesign for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Pattern Lab Jason Santa Maria on The Pastry Box Visual Inventory Responsive Design Workflow, by Stephen Hay Responsive Comping: Obtaining Signoff without Mockups, by Matt Griffin Content And Style Prototyping the Rebuild, by Sparkbox Grantland Element Collages Reading Is Fundamental open redesign TechCrunch Entertainment Weekly

Kevin M. Hoffman Presentation Related Articles and Books

Marissa Mayer’s on Yahoo’s move away from telecommuting Successful collaboration at the National Institutes of Health Why Teams Make Us Happy by Scott Belsky How parents and the internet transformed club foot treatment. Google Ventures workshop on Meetings that Don’t Suck The Nordstrom Innovation Lab at work The Pen is Mightier Than the Keyboard by Pam Mueller and Dan Oppenheimer, Psychological Science Accelerate by John P. Kotter, Harvard Business Review Facilitating Great Design by Kevin M. Hoffman, A List Apart Meetings: The Canary in the Culture Coal Mine by Kevin M. Hoffman, UIE What Good Teaching and Meetings Share by Kevin M. Hoffman, UIE Good Kickoff Meetings The Future of Competition (Pralahad & Ramaswamy) Lean UX (Gothelf & Seiden) Visual Leaders (Sibbett) Visual Teams (Sibbett) Visual Meetings (Sibbett) A Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision Making (Kaner, et al) How to Make Meetings Work (Doyle & Strauss) The Rapid Vis Toolkit (Hanks) Gamestorming (Gray, Macanufo & Brown) The Connected Company (Gray w/Vander Wal ) The Doodle Revolution (Sunni Brown) The Back of the Napkin (Dan Roam) Business Model Generation (Alex Osterwalder, et al) Collaboration (Hansen) Collaborating Effectively (Harvard Business Review) Moments of Impact (Solomon & Ertel) Designing the Conversation (Unger, Nunnally & Willis) Designing Together (Brown) Remote: Office Not Required (Fried & Hansson)

Josh Clark Presentation Related


The new multi-screen world study People swap devices 21 times an hour Sequential Messaging is Advertising’s Next Great Leap Forward In praise of boring objects Putting magic in the mundane Apple iOS 8 Continuity Apple Carplay and Android Auto Android Wear Android Nearby


Happy Together: tap music, maps, URLs, photos, text from phone to computer: (video on Vimeo) | (source code on Github) Grab Magic: (video on Youtube) | (video on TED) Sonicnet.js Racer Chess via WebRTC Google Deep Shot


Myo Armband Ring Leap Motion Toymail Chromecast Drumpants Shine LG HomeChat Vessyl Internet-enabled Crock-Pot (!!)