Why You Should Attend An Event Apart

Sometimes to do your best work you need a change of pace—to get out from behind your project deadlines for a bit and open yourself up to a whole new world of people and ideas. Attending a conference, whether online or in-person, is a great way to do exactly that. It’s a chance to stretch your mind and improve your skills.

An Event Apart offers you this opportunity.

Why An Event Apart (AEA) is a great choice

Learn from the best

Our speakers aren’t just industry leaders with years of experience and deep insight. They’re also engaging, inspiring thinkers who are passionate about sharing what they’ve learned and helping you to sharpen your skills and start thinking about what’s coming next.

Learn from your peers

An Event Apart attendees are dedicated to their craft. Most have been in the industry for five years or more, and a significant subset have been at it for fifteen to twenty years. They know the basics. They know what comes after the basics. They look to AEA to provide higher-level information—covering important advances and emerging best practices. The person you chat with during or after a session may have faced and overcome the exact problem you’re facing now, or know someone who has.

Learn more about who attends AEA.

Learn what’s next

We don’t just present what’s happening right now. We also look ahead to what’s around the corner. Topics folks learned about on our stage well before the rest of the industry knew they were coming include responsive web design, mobile-first practices, content strategy, and CSS Grid.

Immediate takeaways

Our speakers focus on inspiration and insights for the future, but you’ll walk away from every session with tips and techniques you can put into practice right now.

Continue learning long after the event

We’ll send you off with copies of all the speaker slides, so you can use the same examples when you present what you learned to the rest of your team. Between that, the page of resources we collect from speakers for each event, the Slack team we set up for each event, and our free video library of talks from past years, you’ll be able to keep the learning going long after the conference glow has faded.

Countering Common Objections From Management

“This is a lot to spend.”

Think of it as a long-term investment in your skillset. It’s not just learning new practices, but having an idea of what’s coming down the pike, so you’ll be ahead of the curves your competitors will struggle to navigate. And it’s not just an investment in you, but in your whole team, because you’ll bring back what you learn at AEA to everyone.

“How do we know this event is worth it?”

We’ve been producing conferences since 2006, and over those years we’ve kept a laser focus on delivering the best UX and front-end educational content we can. The number of people who come back year after year is testament to the value we deliver. They know AEA gives them something they can’t get anywhere else: expert practitioners and inspiring speakers at the top of their game, sharing exceptional and relevant content.

Getting Started

Not sure how to get the ball rolling? Check out these tips on making the case (for anything, not just conferences!).

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