Articles, Links, and Tools From An Event Apart Denver 2022

An in-progress compendium of articles, links, tools, and other resources shared by our speakers at An Event Apart Denver 2022.

“SEO teams—the UX Ally You’ve Been Missing All Your Life!” (Wil Reynolds)

“Experimenting with Performance at the Edge” (Scott Jehl)

“Imagining a Fluid Future for Design Tools” (Jason Grigsby)


Should Designers Code Hot Takes

Tools Used in Experiments

Interesting tools tackling design system collaboration

Jason’s articles on fluid design tools

“When New CSS Features Collide: Possibility and Complexity at the Intersections” (Rachel Andrew)


Container queries



Content reordering problems

“Transform Your Meetings Into Hybrid Workshops (That People Actually Enjoy)” (Erin Casali)

“Websites are Good Now” (Chris Coyier)

“How to Win at ARIA and Influence Web Accessibility” (Tolu Adegbite)

“Cascading Layers of !mportance” (Miriam Suzanne)

Early Web

Understanding The Cascade

Cascade Layers & Scope

“Logjams: Unblocking Your Accessibility Backlog” (Dave Rupert)

“Overcoming Grid Reluctance” (Chen Hui Jing)

“Animation in Today's Responsive Design” (Val Head)

“Multilingual Design for the Web (and Beyond)” (Preston So)

General resources

Language attributes

Right-to-left and vertically-set

Line breaks, wrapping, and hyphenation

Ruby annotations

Interface and form design

Advanced reading

“Oh Snap!” (Adam Argyle)

“The Nuts and Bolts of Designing for Safety” (Eva PenzeyMoog)