Articles, Links, and Tools From Online Together: Spring Summit 2022

A compendium of articles, links, tools, and other resources shared by our speakers at Online Together: Spring Summit 2022.

“Fluid Design Tools for a Responsive Design System World” (Jason Grigsby)

A look at how design tools should integrate with design systems and how close we can get to an ideal fluid design tool today.


Should Designers Code Hot Takes

Tools Used in Experiments

Interesting tools tackling design system collaboration

“Beyond the Screen: Immersive Design for Spaces” (Preston So)

How to extend our expertise with the web into the expanse of the immersive.

Articles and talks


“Design and Development Considerations for Dual Screen Devices” (Stephanie Stimac)

Dual-screen/foldable devices are starting to emerge on the market, offering new and interesting opportunities—as well as challenges.

“In and Out of Style” (Jeremy Keith)

Let’s take a look at history of the World Wide Web and then cast our gaze to the future!

Blog posts


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Papers (PDF)

People (Wikipedia)

“CSS, JavaScript, & Accessibility” (Ire Aderinokun)

More often than not, what makes a web page less accessible is the CSS and JavaScript we add to the HTML.

CSS & Accessibility

JavaScript & Accessibility

“Browser Compatibility in an Evergreen World” (Rachel Andrew)

Maybe some things never change, but browser compatibility issues in 2022 are quite different to those we faced 10 or even 5 years ago.

“Websites are Good Now” (Chris Coyier)

It's time to take a look at how you’re approaching some of the building blocks of your website, because many things are easier and better than in the past.

“Container Queries: Responsive Components are Coming to Your Browser” (Una Kravets)

With this new API, you can query parent styles including a parent’s width and style information.

“Establishing a Remote Design Practice From Scratch” (Erin Casali)

One of the key transformations that should come with remote work is asynchronous collaboration.

“Don’t Worry, Be Appy” (Aaron Gustafson)

The web continues to evolve deeper connections with operating systems.

“I Can :has() New CSS?” (Eric Meyer)

Recent additions to the CSS landscape that deliver a lot of power and flexibility in places you might not expect.

“Empathy by Design” (Sharon Steed)

What if you don’t know where you’re succeeding when engaging empathy, and where you need a few tweaks?

“The Content Design of Civil Discourse: Turning Conflict into Collaboration” (David Dylan Thomas)

There are simple design and content design choices we can make that encourage collaboration over conflict.