Articles, Links, and Tools From Online Together: Fall Summit 2021

A compendium of articles, links, tools, and other resources shared by our speakers at Online Together: Fall Summit 2021.

“Building Brands Online” (Sarah Parmenter)

“Our Stylish Future” (Hui Jing Chen)

“How to Understand CSS” (Rachel Andrew)

We do CSS and our own productivity a disservice if we continue to take a piecemeal approach to the language. By learning the key elements that underpin this system, you will find that the rest of CSS falls into place.

“Styling the Intrinsic Web with Cascade Layers & Container Queries” (Miriam Suzanne)

Intrinsic Web Design


Cascade Layers




Container Queries

2020 Proposals
Query Units
See Also

“Zero Waste Web Design” (Tom Greenwood)

Zero Waste Living

Books & Resources


Lightweight Analytics


“The Craft of Feedback” (Erin Casali)

“Applied Accessibility: Practical Tips for Building More Accessible Front-Ends” (Sara Soueidan)

Sara shares some frustrations, many lessons learned, and a lot of practical tips and tricks for building accessible front-end foundations that you can take and apply in your own projects right away.

“Elements Heard, Not Seen: Moving from Web Design to Voice Design” (Preston So)

Recent blog posts about voice

My conversational content strategy series

A List Apart and CMSWire articles

Selected talks about voice and voice content

“Justice, Safety, Compassion: Contributing to the Ethical Tech Paradigm Shift” (Eva PenzeyMoog)

Workshops from Creative Reaction Lab

“We're All Writing Our Own Web Standards Now” (Jason Grigsby)

“Built In, Not Bolted On: How to Get Accessibility Right From the Start” (Derek Featherstone)

“Speaking of Accessibility: How Screen Readers Present Your Content” (Melanie Richards)

How does markup become something that screen readers (for example) can understand and interact with on behalf of the user? Together we’ll dive into how assistive tech integrates with the experiences that you create.

How This Works

Accessibility APIs
Accessibility API Mappings
Accessibility Tree
Text Interfaces


Checkers and Linters
Manual Testing
Some Screen Reader Actions to Try
  • Read line by line
  • Read continuously from a point
  • Jump by headings, landmarks, and links
  • Search the page
  • Interact with tables using table commands
  • Jump by form field
  • Interact with all interactive elements
  • Testing any changes in content or context
Testing with Users

Bug Sleuthing

Debugging Tools
Browser Dev Tools
Desktop OS API Debuggers
Where to Report Bugs


Browser Rendering Engine Documentation

Image Credits

“That’s Great, but How Do I Convince My Boss?” (David Dylan Thomas)

It’s one thing to know what your organization should be doing, but that’s not always enough to convince the people who sign the checks. How do you get them on board?