AEA Resources: Articles, Links, and Tools From An Event Apart Austin 2014

An Event Apart Austin 2014 was a blast! Enjoy these links to related articles, media, and tools.

An Event Apart Austin 2014 is now happening. Enjoy these preliminary links to related articles, media, and tools.


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Session Write-ups

Luke Wroblewski

An Event Apart: Guerrilla Design Tactics

Speaker-Related Links and Resources

Chris Coyier

CSS-TRICKS “How to Use SVG”—A wonderfully huge compendium of rich SVG info. Link after link after link after link of linky SVG goodness, curated by Mr. Coyier himself. Give yourself a few hours to enjoy, and dive in!

Samantha Warren

The Accessible Icon Project Jayna Wallace's Moodboards About Responsive James Buckhouse’s Story Maps Style Tiles Style Tiles and How the work SXSW Style Tiles (listen) Olek Banksy's Exit Through the Gift Shop Mark Jenkins


CSS Tricks Lynda Skillshare Creative Market Method and Craft Harvest Google Apps Jira Toastmasters Improv & Web Design SIde Projects

Mat Marquis

Bocoup Filament Group The RICG (Responsive Images Group) Average page size stats Ericsson Mobility Report (PDF) Page Weight Matters 72% of responsive sites send roughly the same data to mobile and desktop users 71% of people expect websites to load almost as fast or faster on their phones (PDF) Adding 160KB of images to a page increased bounce rate by 12% on mobile devices Responsive Images: How they Almost Worked and What We Need Proto-RICG brainstorming The RICG at the W3C Responsive Images and Web Standards at the Turning Point Bandwidth MQ: we don’t need ’em RICG Use Cases Explaining SRC-N picture mk. III picture in the WHATWG spec RICG Use Cases RICG GitHub Element Query Use Cases Picturefill on GitHub Picturefill on RICG srcset and sizes Responsive Images: Use Cases and Documented Code Snippets to Get You Started So, You’re Writing a Responsive Images Script A Hackathon Where 2G-Era Tech Is King

Sarah Parmenter

True Social Metrics: Social Media Analysis Crazy Egg: Visualize Your Visitors

Luke Wroblewski

Mo’ Pixels, Mo’ Problems - Dave Rupert

Jason Grigsby

Compuware APM Compuware Performance Management Real World Responsive Web Design Performance, Take 2 Brad Frost: Mobile-First Responsive Web Design Respond.js on Github—a fast and light polyfill for min/max-width CSS3 Media Queries (for IE 6-8 and more) Jeremy Keith: Windows mobile media queries Github: Hilament Group: Ajax Include Pattern Cloud Four Blog: Off-Canvas Menu Plugin Cloud Four Blog: Behavioral Breakpoints Cloud Four Blog: A framework for discussing responsive images solutions A List Apart: Mat Marquis: Responsive Images — How They Almost Worked And What We Need Eric Portis: Srcset and sizes Scott Jehl: Picturefill Polyfill Smashing Magazine: Picturefill 2.0 – Responsive Images and the Perfect Polyfill Scott Jehl: Picturefill: User Prefs Filament Group: Compressive Images Retina Revolution Github: a-font-garde Leaving Pixels Behind: A Workflow for Designers (slide presentation) Sitepoint: Accessible SVG Tips Cloud Four Blog: Media Queries in SVG Images Cloud Four Blog: Eight Guidelines and One Rule for Responsive Images

Josh Clark

The Multi-Device Landscape

The new multi-screen world study People swap devices 21 times an hour Sequential Messaging is Advertising’s Next Great Leap Forward In praise of boring objects Putting magic in the mundane Apple iOS 8 Continuity Apple Carplay and Android Auto Android Wear Android Nearby

Code and Software Prototypes

Happy Together: tap music, maps, URLs, photos, text from phone to computer: (video on Vimeo) | (source code on Github) Grab Magic: (video on Youtube) | (video on TED) Sonicnet.js Racer Chess via WebRTC Google Deep Shot

Devices and Services

Myo Armband Ring Leap Motion Toymail Chromecast Drumpants Shine LG HomeChat Vessyl Internet-enabled Crock-Pot (!!)

Jeffrey Zeldman

Understanding Web Design Art Directors Club: Global Awards and Club Stanford White Murder Stanford White Murder of the Century Kindle Edition: Ragtime (novel by E.L. Doctorow) Wikipedia: Ragtime (novel by E.L. Doctorow) Webby Awards 1997 Interview with Tiffany Shlain ( The Web at 25 (W3C) Milton Glaser Bob Dylan (Google saved search) Milton Glaser Typedia: A Shared Encyclopedia of Typefaces Rosewood (font) - Typekit Louis Armstrong Miles Davis (official site) Miles Davis (Wikipedia) John Coltrane

Whitney Hess

The Flux Report (PDF)

Kate Kiefer-Lee

Nicely Said Voice and Tone (MailChimp) Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg Vernacular Eloquence by Peter Elbow Editorially’s terms of service, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license Automattic’s terms of service, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license MailChimp’s legal policies Macmillan Cancer Support Gov.UK’s style guidea