“Variable Fonts and the Future of Web Typography” by Jason Pamental—An Event Apart video

Video URL: http://vimeo.com/317761891

Variable fonts include EVERY width, weight, slant, and other permutation of a typeface, all in a single file not much bigger than a regular font file. In this hour-long presentation captured live at An Event Apart Orlando 2018, Jason Pamental delves into the ins and outs of variable fonts, showing you not just how far the new capabilities can take us, but how to make use of them right away.

Jason Pamental is a long-time practitioner of web design and development, having first gotten involved with the industry in 1994. Over the years he’s led projects ranging from Ivy League and high tech to the NFL and America’s Cup, from both creative and technical roles. He’s an avid cyclist, hiker, dog owner, and Instagrammer.

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