“Slow Design for an Anxious World” by Jeffrey Zeldman – An Event Apart video

Video URL: http://vimeo.com/377860359

Most web pages are too fast or too slow. In 2018, An Event Apart cofounder Jeffrey Zeldman taught us how to create designs that work faster for our customers who are in a hurry to get things done. Now, in this 60-minute video recorded live at An Event Apart DC 2019, Zeldman shows us how to create designs that deliberately slow down our visitors, helping them understand more of what our organization is communicating, and make better decisions as a result.

Turn browsers into readers. Learn to make layouts that coax your visitor to sit back, relax, and actually absorb the content your team works so hard to create. Improve UX significantly without spending a lot or chasing the tail lights of the latest whiz-bang tech. Whether you build interactive experiences or craft editorial pages, you’ll learn how to ease your customers into the experience and build the kind of engagement you thought the web had lost forever.

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