Blue Beanie Day Hoodies & Tees

Support Blue Beanie Day in style, with Blue Beanie tees and hoodies from Cotton Bureau. Available at cost, for a limited time only.

Those who don't learn from history are doomed to build obsolescence into all their digital works. Only open web standards provide a secure platform for your work and for all the people and devices seeking access to it. Started by Douglas Vos and An Event Apart co-founder Jeffrey Zeldman, Blue Beanie Day reminds us that the struggle for web standards never ends; that progressive enhancement and structured, semantic markup aren't optional extras. They are the core principles that make web content available to all.

And with a Blue Beanie Day tee or hoodie, you can remind your colleagues and clients of that fact any day you feel like it.

The eighth annual Blue Beanie Day in support of web standards will be celebrated around the world on November 30, 2014. Join the founders of An Event Apart, and designers and developers everywhere, in supporting web standards—today and always.