Stephanie Sullivan

  • @stefsull

Founder and principal of web standards redesign company W3Conversions, Stephanie Sullivan is a CSS, accessibility, and XHTML expert, whose services are in demand by leading firms across the United States. She’s a top gun that companies go to for troubleshooting problems, training their web team, or to work behind-the-scenes transforming their in-house designs into functioning, standards-based websites. She has worked with clients such as New York Magazine, Adobe, University of California Fresno, Kumquat among others; her attention to detail always receives the highest praise.

Stephanie wrote the CSS Layouts included in Dreamweaver CS3, co-authored Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS3 (New Riders), serves as co-lead of the influential Web Standards Project (WaSP) Adobe Task Force and is a partner at Community MX, a site offering over 2,300 tutorials to web developers seeking to increase their skills. Though an admitted workaholic, she escapes as often as possible from the little people inside her computer to play beach volleyball. Her guilty pleasure? 80’s music. Nina Hagen anyone?!