Richard Rutter

Aea Speaker Richard Rutter Profile
  • @clagnut
  • Github: clagnut
  • Dribbble: clagnut
  • LinkedIn: richardrutter

Richard started designing websites way back in 1994. He co-founded the digital consultancy Clearleft in 2005, and happily retains his role as a user experience designer, working closely with clients including the BBC, Amnesty International and NBC Universal.

Richard has a deep love and fascination for typography, culminating in the creation of the Fontdeck webfont service. As a self-appointed web typography evangelist, Richard is chief organiser of the annual Ampersand web typography conference. He writes on where he is slowly translating Robert Bringhurst’s typographic guidelines into CSS. Richard also has a web typography book in the works with Five Simple Steps. Richard has spoken at numerous conferences on prototyping and typography, including UIE’s Web App Summit and UX London, as well as An Event Apart.

Richard was named as one of Wired UK’s top 100 digital power brokers.