Krystal Higgins

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Krystal Higgins is a user experience designer who loves building, learning​,​ and teaching. One area she is extremely passionate about, thanks to a history with storytelling, is the onboarding and education of new users.​ ​She started sharing tips for designing first​-​time user experiences a few years ago, and created a catalog of flows​,​ from a variety of products​,​ to inspire others working on their own onboarding challenges. Krystal loves teaching teams about teaching users.

In addition to her work with onboarding, Krystal designs all sorts of experiences for web, mobile​, and wearable products. She​ has worked at companies like NVIDIA, eBay and, most recently, Google. ​Krystal rounds out her product design work with watercolor painting and scuba diving.

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