Krystal Higgins

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  • @kryshiggins
  • LinkedIn: kryshiggins

Krystal Higgins is a senior user experience designer who loves tackling complex design challenges. One area she is extremely passionate about is the onboarding and education of new users.​ ​She shares tips for designing new user experiences on [her design blog]( and maintains [a collection]( of onboarding reviews from websites, apps, and other products.

In addition to her work teaching teams to teach users, Krystal designs all sorts of experiences for web, mobile​, and wearable products. She​ has worked at companies like NVIDIA, eBay and, currently, Google, where she recently helped launch Android Wear 2.0. ​Krystal rounds out her product design work with watercolor painting, which she sells in her [Etsy shop](, and scuba diving.

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