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It's been about 20 years since Kim Goodwin started interviewing users, sketching interactions, and pushing 16-color pixels around on a screen. Since then, Kim has designed everything from retail sites to phones and medical devices. She's worked with agile, waterfall, and "agile-fall" teams in startups and Fortune 100s. Kim has spent over a decade leading design teams as an in-house creative director and as VP Design and General Manager at Cooper.

Kim has been teaching design almost as long as she's been doing it. She's a top-rated speaker and workshop leader at conferences around the world. Those years of teaching informed Kim's bestselling book, Designing for the Digital Age. She also developed the acclaimed Cooper U design curriculum. Today, Kim spends most of her time teaching her clients "how to fish" by way of workshops, design management consulting, and mentoring during research and design projects.

When she's not helping clients, Kim is usually speaking, sitting on an airplane, or using her camera as an excuse to enjoy the outdoors at sunrise.