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Jason Pamental
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Jason Pamental spends much of his time working with clients to establish their typographic systems and digital strategy, helping design and development teams works smarter and faster, and running workshops about all of the above. He is a seasoned design and user experience strategy leader with over 20 years’ experience on the web in both creative and technical roles, and an Invited Expert to the W3C Web Fonts Working Group. Clients range from type industry giants, Ivy League and High Tech, to the NFL and America’s Cup.

After years of having his love affair with type stymied by the likes of font tags, SIFR, and Cufon, the advent of @font-face and the launch of Typekit gave new life and avenues of exploration. Since 2010 he’s been researching and writing on typography for the web and digital platforms: he’s author of Responsive Typography from O’Reilly, articles for Net Magazine, PRINT Magazine, HOW, Typecast Blog, Fonts.com, and more. He’s also a frequent podcast guest, having appeared on The Web Ahead, Boagworld, Non-Breaking Space, and others. An experienced speaker and workshop leader, he has presented at dozens of national and international conferences on the subjects of web typography, responsive design, and design strategy & process.

An avid road cyclist and reformed full-time competitor, he still grapples with the eternal question "if it’s not on Strava, did it really happen?" The real story: mainly he just follows Tristan and Tillie around Turner Reservoir, posting photos on Instagram.

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