Jaimee Newberry

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Jaimee is an industry veteran and regarded expert on applying UX thinking, unique insight, and “experiment to innovate” practices to organizational processes and team health.

After a 15-year, award-winning design career, Jaimee successfully shifted focus from hands-on product creation to coaching and inspiring world-renowned product teams through actionable examples, relatable stories, and constant experimentation in order to create more compassionate teams and vastly improved digital products.

Jaimee is the founder of the #tinychallenges movement and podcast, catalyst for WWDCgirls, advocate for AppCampForGirls, advisor to the premier mobile application development firm MartianCraft, and former co-host of the well-known podcast Unprofessional. Across her career, she has served remarkable companies like Audi, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Disney, McDonalds, Nintendo, UNLV, Zappos, and many more.

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