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Adrian Holovaty
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Adrian is a journalist and web developer in Chicago. He has made a bunch of contributions to the web, both through ideas and code. Adrian is the co-creator and co-Benevolent Dictator for Life of the open-source Django Web framework, which has helped tens of thousands of people build database-driven websites. He cowrote the Django Book.

His 2005 project,, was one of the original, pre-API Google Maps mashups. The site played a small part in influencing Google to open its map API.

Having worked as a web developer at news sites such as, Adrian is probably the best-known industry advocate of “journalism via computer programming,” where journalists make web apps to supplement (or even replace!) traditional storytelling.

These days, Adrian runs EveryBlock, an experiment in microlocal news. He has a blog at, and more than 8,000 people subscribe to his YouTube guitar videos.