Winners of the 2016 10K Apart

The 10K Apart contest recently came to an end, and we have to say we were astonished by the response—instead of the hundred or so entries we expected, we ended up with 270 gallery entries for our all-star panel of judges to consider. After much thought, they rendered their decision.

First, the Honorable Mentions, listed alphabetically:

Each and every one is as worth exploring as it was difficult to pick.

The prize winners were even harder to choose. In the end, the judges chose the 10K UK Weather Analyzer & Visualizer by Yash Raj Singh as the Best Technical entry, the 10KB Pixel Art Character creator by Hannah Malcolm for Best Design, and Emil Björklund's Dashingly Responsive as the Best Overall entry. As judge Rachel Andrew said about Emil's work, “Each time I looked I saw another small detail that impressed me, and the use of simple technology in a creative way seemed to sum up the competition for me.” We couldn't agree more!

Last but in no way least, the People's Choice award went to Firstname Basher by Emilien Schneider, Pablo Barral, and Romain Petiot. Its goal? To help you pick a child's name by telling you what's wrong with your choices. C'est la façon des choses, non?

Our profound thanks to all the contestants and their fantastically creative work. Every entry was and is a testament to how much can be done under severe constraints and to the incredible flexibility of the web's core technologies—a timely reminder today, on Blue Beanie Day 2016.