Welcome to the New AEA Site

We’re pleased as punch to announce the launch of An Event Apart, and invite you to drop by the site and see what we’re all about.

Who are we? That would be Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman. And just what are we doing? We’re taking our knowledge and experience on the road. Instead of making people travel to a conference, we’re taking the conference to the people. In cities around the country (and, just maybe, the world!) we’ll be hosting a full-day in-depth seminar/workshop/dialogue on standards-oriented web design. The content will be practical, technical, and immediately useful. It isn’t for beginners. It’s for professionals who want to raise their skill levels and get an inside look at how recognized experts in the field do what they do.

In other words, it’s the kind of event Jeffrey and Eric would themselves want to attend. It’s An Event Apart.

So please feel free to come by the site and explore a bit, as well as to get the details on our first event. And keep an eye on the site (or the RSS feed), because we might be coming to your city next!