Unforgettable: An Event Apart Boston 2015

A Day Apart: Everything You Wanted to Know About Responsive Design…And Less! with Brad Frost (“Atomic Design,” “Pattern Lab”) is just one reason you won’t want to skip An Event Apart Boston 2015.

What other unmissable treats have we prepared to delight your mind and keep you on top of (and even a little ahead of) your professional game?

How about exploring icon design with Jon Hicks, creator of the Firefox, MailChimp, and Shopify logos and author of Icons: The Icon Handbook? Or a fresh talk from Ethan Marcotte, the father of Responsive Web Design? Take your CSS and SVG skills to the next level with Rachel Andrew (co-founder of Perch, author, CSS Anthology) and Chris Coyier (CSS Tricks, The Talk Show), respectively. Eric Meyer (co-founder, An Event Apart) will teach you to design for the user in crisis; Sarah Parmenter (net magazine designer of the year) will share techniques and strategies of designing for social behavior.

These brilliant folks and their talks join essential presentations by Kate Kiefer-Lee (MailChimp voiceandtone.com), Derek Featherstone (founder, Simply Accessible), Brad Frost (Atomic Design), and Jeffrey Zeldman (co-founder, An Event Apart; author, Designing With Web Standards). Each presentation is vital to your understanding of web and interaction design today. Each speaker, each story, builds on the next, in a single-track experience curated and directed for maximum learning and enjoyment.

And following the two-day conference comes A Day Apart, an optional full-day learning session with Mr. Frost, where you will study the current, wildly expanding multi-device layout and learn new techniques, best practices, and strategies for designing successful and delightful projects in the midst of this chaos.

Every Boston event AEA has put on has sold out well in advance, and AEA Boston 2015 is sure to do likewise. Register during early bird and you’ll save $100. Plus, as a bonus for reading this news post, you can save an additional $100 using discount code AEAZELD. So what are you waiting for? Check the schedule for An Event Apart Boston 2015 and reserve your seat today!

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