Una Kravets: The Tools I Use

The latest in our series “The Tools We Use” features Una Kravets, UI Engineer at Digital Ocean.

Visual Studio Code: After having tried out a few text editors, I've definitely settled into and fallen in love with VS Code. It's free, fast, and has a great plugin community that helps you prettify and write clean code. VS Code's new customization features also allow me to create different layouts per project type, which helps me switch between tasks.

Procreate: Procreate lets you draw and diagram on an iPad. You can make custom brushes, and with the new iPad update, the Apple Pencil feels like butter with Procreate. I love using it for technical diagramming.

Spectacle: This is a customizable windows management tool for the Mac which I use all the time. There are a variety of shortcuts to move windows around and reposition them on your monitor.

Pocket: When I find a really interesting article I just don't have time to read right then and there, I save it to my Pocket (there's a Chrome extension to help with that) to read later. It caches the article for offline, so plane rides are often catch-up times.

aXe Browser Extension, WAVE Evaluation Tool: These are two tools that come in the option of browser extensions and test for accessibility of websites you're on.

CSS Stats: Have you ever wondered what your CSS load and impact is? CSS Stats is a really great website that tells you just that — how many fonts have you loaded? How specific are your styles. It's an excellent audit tool for refactoring CSS.

Reveal.js: I write almost all of my presentations using the Reveal.js framework (especially when I have live demos on stage). This helps to create a fully web-based presentation that also has a lot of nice features like speaker notes and transitions.