To The Vector, The Spoils: SVG is For Everybody with Chris Coyier at An Event Apart Boston

While SVG isn't exactly new, browser support is just getting to the point that we can use the SVG format without much worry. And even if we do need fallbacks for older browsers, we now have modern tools that make creating these fallbacks easy. All this makes right now the perfect time to learn about SVG and how it can help you in everyday web design. Perhaps the most compelling reason of all, though, is that SVG images look sharp at any dimension with tiny file sizes—which is great for making responsive websites responsibly.

There's nobody better equipped to fire you up about what SVG means for modern web design than Chris Coyier. In his talk for An Event Apart Boston 2015, “SVG is for Everybody,” Chris will discuss how to use SVG to make icons that are more accessible than any other web-based icon creation technique permits. He'll also demonstrate how SVG can make customized complex graphics on the fly, and create compelling animations and other interactions. He'll explore some pretty great effects, and end by discovering a cornucopia of SVG source materials that are easy to find, and even easier to work with.

Chris Coyier is a web designer and developer who writes about all things web at, talks about all things web at conferences around the world and on his podcast Shop Talk, and co-founded the web coding playground CodePen. Chris is just one of twelve extraordinary presenters appearing at An Event Apart Boston 2015. See them all! Following the two-day conference of twelve great sessions comes A Day Apart: Everything You Wanted to Know About Responsive Design…And Less!, led by Brad Frost (Atomic Design). You can register just for the two-day conference, just for A Day Apart, or save $100 when you sign up for all three days. Check the schedule for details, and save an additional $100 if you register now through March 16.

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