The Survey for Web & UX Professionals

Attention, front-enders and UX-ers. Listen up, designers and coders, writers and strategists. The wait is over: it’s time to take this year’s Survey for Web and UX Professionals—brought to you, as always, by An Event Apart and A List Apart.

Whether you spend your day in Coda or Sketch, in Google Docs or Slack, or in some combination of all the above and more, we want to hear from you. By filling out our brief survey, you’ll be helping let the world know exactly who makes the websites and apps that consume so much of our world’s attention.

We’ve been publishing this survey (with a few years off here and there) since 2007. Back then we called it “the survey for people who make websites.” Also back then, we were largely unseen. Oh, people had heard of Mark Zuckerberg, but nobody really knew who the people doing the day-to-day work were. Over the past decade-plus, through surveys like ours and others, that picture became more clear.

This year’s survey begins at It’s simpler and more streamlined than the surveys of years past, and should take only a few minutes to complete. Please fill it out, and please ask your friends and colleagues to do the same. The more of us who share our experience, quirks, beliefs, and preferences, the better this industry will know itself. So please spread the word far and wide, using the hashtag #WebProSurvey (if hashtagging is your thing). We thank you for your time and all you do for the industry!