The Fault, Dear Brutus (or: Career Advice From a Cranky Old Man) by Jeffrey Zeldman—An Event Apart

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“We have met the enemy, and he is us.” Many of the professional problems we blame on boneheaded bosses and clueless coworkers actually come from ourselves. How can we identify career woes we bring on ourselves, and learn to get out of our own way?

In this candid presentation captured live at An Event Apart Austin, AEA cofounder Jeffrey Zeldman shares personal and professional foibles over a long career that taught him the hard way how to make himself a better, and more valued designer, partner, and colleague. Give him 60 minutes of video viewing time, and he'll share those secrets with you.

Designing and blogging since 1995, Jeffrey Zeldman is the publisher of A List Apart Magazine and A Book Apart, co-founder of An Event Apart, author of Designing With Web Standards, and founder and designer at studio.zeldman. Follow him on Twitter @zeldman.

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