The Art and Soul of Selling by Jaimee Newberry—An Event Apart video

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Throughout her career, designer Jaimee Newberry has held roles from in-house teams, to agency partner, to independent consultant, to CEO. Across these roles, she not only had to sell her own design work, but the work of her teams and colleagues, as well. It stands true that the most important skill she ever learned was how to sell design.

In this free 60-minute video, captured live at An Event Apart Orlando: Special Edition, Jaimee uses stories of client interactions and learning experiences to share her two rules of design, and describe how her “Check Yourself Checkpoints” have helped her sell design and close millions of dollars in deals, across the past seventeen years.

Jaimee is an industry veteran and regarded expert on applying UX thinking, unique insight, and “experiment to innovate” practices to organizational processes and team health. She is the cofounder of Picture This clothing and a board member of Martian Craft.

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