The 10K Apart Winners

At the end of July, An Event Apart and MIX Online issued a challenge to show the web what you could do with just 10K—and the response was beyond anything we could have expected.  We were overwhelmed and humbled by the incredible quality as well as quantity of the submissions.  In the few weeks the contest was open, we received 367 entries.

Our Grand Prize winner, Hakim el Hattab, grabbed the top spot with Sinuous, a seriously addictive game that required a grand total of 6.9KB of markup and JavaScript.  See how many points you can rack up while avoiding the small red dots of death!  Congratulations to Hakim, who will receive a three-day pass to an upcoming An Event Apart, a $3,000 Visa Gift Card, and a copy of HTML5 for Web Designers.

Our three Runners-Up were quite varied, though two of them looked back to the halcyon days of 1980s video games.  The Best Design winner, Matchuppps, is a beautifully-executed game of Memory that uses the latest Dribbble posts and extends Dribbble’s basketball metaphor with amusing commentary and scoreboard styling.  The Best Technical winner, Fontanero, calls to mind early games like NetHack, Rogue, and The Hobbit as it tasks your tiny plumber to fix a lot of leaky cellar pipes.  Finally, the People’s Choice award, RGB Invaders, packs a colorful variant on the classic arcade game Space Invaders into a mere 8.6KB.  Each Runner-Up earned a three-day pass to an upcoming An Event Apart, a $1,000 Visa Gift Card, and a copy of HTML5 for Web Designers.

Last but by no means least, we had so many entries we loved that we expanded the number of Notable Mentions from nine to 12, and still felt like we were leaving too many great entries out.  We’re proud to award each Notable Mention a copy of HTML5 for Web Designers.

From tower defense games to retro recreations, from site annotators to image filters, from task lists to financial planners, and so much more, the contestants in the 10K Apart consistently blew us away with their creativity and their passion.  We thank each and every entrant for making the contest an incredible success, and our congratulations to the winners!
Thanks also to our fine judges—Whitney Hess, Nicole Sullivan, and Jeremy Keith—and our MIX Online partners for their generous sponsorship of the 10K Apart.  We must do this again sometime!