Ten Commandments of Web Design by Jeffrey Zeldman – An Event Apart Austin

Video URL: http://vimeo.com/84467622

Thou shalt ship. Thou shalt iterate. Love thy reader as thyself. Like their biblical predecessors, the ten commandments of web design can inspire us to be and do better. In this 60-minute video, captured live at An Event Apart Austin 2013, Jeffrey Zeldman (A List Apart, Happy Cog) advises us to think noncanonically about responsive layouts, to avoid bearing false visual witness, to keep the content holy, and more. Above all, learn the small things that can make the difference between a good website that achieves its goals, and a great one that inspires passion.

Jeffrey is one of twelve outstanding speakers appearing in February 2014 at An Event Apart Atlanta—an intensely educational two-day learning session for passionate practitioners of standards-based web design, followed by an optional day-long workshop on mobile web design with Luke Wroblewski. Tickets for Atlanta and AEA events in seven other great cities are now available for your pleasure.

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