Soul Giants: An Event Apart 2013 Playlist

Because web folk do not live by HTML alone, each year An Event Apart fashions a musical playlist to complement the educational stuff that takes place on our stage. And each year we publish that playlist on music sharing services, so attendees who want to rekindle AEA memories can hear the music again in their home or office. This year, instead of simply sharing the playlist with our attendees at the end of each event, we decided to announce it ahead of time.

Our 2013 playlist is a rambunctious little crowd pleaser, bustling with classic soul, funk, hip hop, and disco grooves. So get your platform shoes on and boogie down! You can enjoy the AEA 2013 playlist…

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Please note: as with all licensed music sharing services, any tracks not licensed for use by Spotify or Rdio respectively will be missing from their reproductions of the playlist.