So Long, Boston

An Event Apart Boston 2009 is now history. Over 400 passionate practitioners of standards-based design joined us at the Marriott Copley Place for two intensely educational days of best practices and creative new ideas. Topics ranged from design to content strategy, from experiments in accessibility to making the most of the connection between web standards and SEO (aka findability).

Daniel Mall, Whitney Hess, Jared Spool, Kristina Halvorson, Jason Santa Maria, Jeremy Keith, Joshua Porter, Dan Cederholm, Brett Welch, Derek Featherstone, Aarron Walter, Scott Thomas AKA SimpleScott, Heather Champ, Andy Clarke, and Jeffrey Zeldman spent two thrilling days teaching and interacting with AEA’s sophisticated and motivated crowd of designers, developers, IAs, writers, and project managers.

On the night before the show, attendees Nick Sergeant and Pete Karl of Lion Burger built A Feed Apart—a sweet aggregator of live Twitter comments about the show. By 4:20 PM of the second day, the hastily produced web app had served 64,485 updates to An Event Apart Boston 2009 attendees and other interested folks. The talented creators had also added new features to their app, and even put together an iPhone version.

On the second day of the event, attendee Allister Klingensmith whipped up A Seat Apart, a live social networking seating chart for the show. Now you can not only remember who was sitting in front of you, you can also follow them on Twitter. Amazing. We think our attendees are the coolest web folk in the world.

Whether the topic is creating the right content and features for your audience, designing pages that are a pleasure to read and use, or beating browsers and web gadgets into submission, An Event Apart’s presenters are as gung-ho about it as you are. Each speaker has made genuine contributions to our industry. Each is a star.

The next AEA event takes place October 12–13 in Chicago.