AEA Video: Scott Jehl – Interacting Responsibly (and Responsively!)

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Your site is being used in ways you may not expect. Between screens small and large, bandwidth constraints, varying capabilities, assistive technologies, and diverse input mechanisms – mouse, keyboard, touch, sensors, device buttons, trackpads, and so on – multi-device development requires an awful lot of consideration to do well.

The Filament Group's Scott Jehl (co-author, Designing With Progressive Enhancement) is a pioneer in doing it well. And in this 60-minute video, captured live at An Event Apart Boston 2012, he shares advanced and emerging techniques for improving the responsiveness (if you will) of responsive web design despite all the pitfalls, hazards, and unknowns of multi-device development.

You will learn how to think and build defensively, creating experiences that not only work most anywhere, but take advantage of the latest browser capabilities and are ready for your users' next move.

For more Scott Jehl multi-device wisdom, read Luke Wroblewski's notes on Scott's presentation. You may also enjoy Jeffrey Zeldman's new 60-minute interview with Scott Jehl on The Big Web Show podcast, episode 83 (February 28, 2013), in which the two designers discuss the very latest thinking on a host of web and multi-device design, development, and performance issues.

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