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Attendee Write-ups

An Event Apart: Our Favourite Quotes by Scalable Path
Sketchnotes by Van Shea Sedita
Sketchnotes (on video!) by Carrie Salazar

Speaker Links and Resources

Jeffrey Zeldman

24 ways: Grid, Flexbox, Box Alignment: Our New System for Layout by Rachel Andrew
24 ways: Putting My Patterns Through Their Paces by Ethan Marcotte
A List Apart: Understanding Progressive Enhancement by Aaron Gustafson
Atomic Design (blog post) by Brad Frost
Atomic Design (book, readable online) by Brad Frost
Content Display Patterns by Daniel Mall (
CSS-Tricks: Complete Guide to Flexbox by Chris Coyier
CSS-Tricks: A Complete Guide to Grid by Chris Coyier
CSS-Tricks: The Debate Around “Do We Even Need CSS Anymore?” by Chris Coyier
Designing With Web Standards (Wikipedia article)
Future-Friendly Manifesto
Fuzzy Notepad: Maybe we could tone down the JavaScript by “eevee”
Of Patterns and Power: Web Standards Then & Now by Jeffrey Zeldman (
Has Design Become Too Hard?
Position Wanted: Front-End Director

Krystal Higgins

Guided interaction

New users matter too: Guided interaction
Using Scaffolded Instruction To Optimize Learning
How I got my mom to play plants vs. Zombies
Hopscotch: A framework for user-guided tutorials
Appcues: A platform for user-guided tutorials
Coaching cadence worksheet

Free samples

New users matter too: Free samples
Janrain: Customers who leave a website because of or lie on signup forms
Phillip Kunz’s reciprocity experiment with Christmas cards
Sweetening the Till: The Use of Candy to Increase Restaurant Tipping
The $300 Million Button
Evaluating onboarding experiences

Personal focus

New users matter too: Personal focus
Herbert Simon, scientist and psychologist and his work with attention
CMU Eberly Center Principles of Teaching
How a bot named Dolores Landingham transformed 18F’s onboarding

Jen Simmons

Examples at
Jen’s on Twitter at @jensimmons
Listen to, especially episodes 115, 114, 81, & 9 for more on layout
Video of Jen’s talk on how to use new CSS now
Video of Jen’s talk, Modern Layouts: Getting Out of Our Ruts
A blog post by Manuel Rego that gets into the implicit and explicit grid, hinting at just how complicated CSS Grid Layout gets
Using Feature Queries in CSS
Round specification
Firefox Nightly

Rachel Andrew

Code Collection of examples used
Boring CSS
Glish CSS
The Noodle Incident Box Lessons
Using Feature Queries in CSS
CSS Grid Specification
Flexbox Specification
Box Alignment Specification
CSS Shapes Specification
Can I Use
Being Where the People Are - a post about vendor prefixes
Grid by Example

Jeremy Keith

Design Principles
The Extensible Web Manifesto
Developer Fallacies

Service Workers

My First Service Worker
Making A Service Worker: A Case Study by Lyza Danger Garnder
The Service Worker Lifecycle by Ire Aderinokun
An Offline Experience With Service Workers by Brandon Rozek
Offline Content With Service Workers by Mike Riethmuller

Web Components

Web Components
Responsible Web Components
Extensible Web Components
Uncomfortably Excited by Alex Russell
My Lightning Talk On Web Components by Soledad Penadés
Practical Questions Around Web Components by Ian Feather
Web Components And Progressive Enhancement by Adam Onishi

Progressive Web Apps

Home Screen
Regressive Web Apps
The Progressive Web App Dev Summit
The Imitation Game
Progressive Web Apps: Escaping Tabs Without Losing Our Soul by Alex Russell
The Building Blocks of Progressive Web Apps by Ada Rose Edwards
Progressive Web Apps: The Long Game by Remy Sharp
What, Exactly, Makes Something A Progressive Web App? by Alex Russell


Rosalind Franklin, 1920–1958
Margaret Hamilton, 1936–
Tim Berners-Lee, 1955–
Grace Hopper, 1906–1992
Hedy Lamarr, 1914–2000
Ada Lovelace, 1815–1852
James Burke, 1936–
Kevin Kelly, 1952–


Reports and Working Notes on DNA by Rosalind Franklin
I, Pencil by Leonard E. Read
HTML Design Principles edited by Anne van Kesteren and Maciej Stachowiak
Sketch of The Analytical Engine Invented by Charles Babbage by L. F. Menabrea with notes upon the memoir by the translator Ada Augusta, Countess of Lovelace
The Coming Technological Singularity: How to Survive in the Post-Human Era by Vernor Vinge


The Real World of Technology by Ursula M. Franklin @ the CBC Massey Lectures, 1989
The Triumph Of Technology by Lord Sir Alec Broers @ the BBC Reith Lectures, 2005
How Technology Evolves by Kevin Kelly @ TED, 2005
When Ideas Have Sex by Matt Ridley @ TED, 2010
How I Built A Toaster—From Scratch by Thomas Thwaites @ TED, 2010
Admiral Shovel and the Toilet Roll by James Burke @ dConstruct, 2012
Unexpected Item In The Bagging Area by Dan Williams @ dConstruct, 2013
Hypertext As An Agent Of Change by Mandy Brown @ dConstruct 2014
The Humane Representation Of Thought by Bret Victor @ the UIST and SPLASH conferences, 2014
Our Comrade The Electron by Maciej Cegłowski @ Webstock, 2014
Step Off This Hurtling Machine by Alex Feyerke @, 2014
The Moral Economy of Tech by Maciej Cegłowski @ the Sociecty For The Advancement Of Socio-Economics, 2016


The Real World Of Technology by Ursula M. Franklin
The Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley
What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly
The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly
Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation by Steven Johnson
How We Got To Now: Six Innovations That Made The Modern World by Steven Johnson
101 Unuseless Japanese Inventions: The Art of Chindogu by Kenji Kawakami
The Toaster Project (Or A Heroic Attempt to Build a Simple Electric Appliance from Scratch) by Thomas Thwaites
Connections by James Burke

Val Head

The UI Animation Newsletter
Designing Interface Animation
Researching Design Systems
Integrating animation into the UX workflow
Design Doesn’t Scale
Pixar storyboards

Jason Grigsby

Hololens Gestures
Leap Motion Oculus Rift tour
Microsoft Research Pre-Touch Sensing for Mobile Interaction
You cannot reliably detect a touch screen
Interactive touch laptop experiments
New Rule: Every Desktop Design Has To Go Finger-Friendly
jQuery Pointer Events Polyfill
Pointing the Way Forward
Warby Parker Gyroscope Example
Lightsaber Escape Gyroscope Example
Generic Sensor API Draft
Autofill: What web devs should know, but don’t
Payment Request API
Web Cam Toy
HTML Media Capture and getUserMedia
Web Speech API Demonstration
Web Speech API Translation Demonstration
Web Bluetooth
Physical Web
One amazing video that shows the potential of the physical web
Open Device Labs
Four Truths About Input
ALA: Adapting to Input

Eric Meyer

Inadvertent Algorithmic Cruelty
Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
1959 Chevrolet Bel Air vs. 2009 Chevrolet Malibu IIHS crash test
The World is Designed for Men
Flickr faces complaints over ‘offensive’ auto-tagging for photos
Google Photos labeled black people ‘gorillas’
“Edge case” tweet by Evan Hensleigh
Apple Adds Menstrual Cycle Tracking To HealthKit App
Performing a Project Premortem - Harvard Business Review
Design for Real Life
Patients Like Me
Voice and Tone
My Favorite Editing Tip: Read It Aloud by Kate Kiefer Lee
Forms That Work
Help, I’m Trapped in Facebook’s Absurd Pseudonym Purgatory

Gerry McGovern

Top Tasks explained (A List Apart)
Customer Carewords Top Tasks Services
Gerry McGovern’s website
Transform: A Rebel’s Guide for Digital Transformation (Gerry’s latest book)