Results of the Quick Tool Survey

Our first-ever quick survey was open for one week, and in that week drew 1,156 responses.  Thank you all!  We are, as ever, amazed and humbled by your generosity with your time and thoughts.  In return, here are some quick results from the survey.

Using the 0-5 scale we defined, where 0 meant “I’ve never used this” and 5 meant “I never quit this program”, we got the following average scores for the five tool choices:

Text editor 3.59
Photoshop 3.50
Dreamweaver 2.22
InDesign 1.13
Expression Web 0.13

In every case, the score was obtained by adding up the scores given and dividing them by the number of people who rated that particular tool.  Photoshop’s score is an average of the 1,154 ratings we received, and InDesign’s is an average of its 1,143 ratings.

Among the “What tool(s) did we forget?” responses, of which there were 778, the most popular answers were Illustrator (236 mentions), Fireworks (158), Flash (126), Firebug (94), and Transmit (41).  Rounding out the top ten were the Web Developer Toolbar (34), Eclipse (33), Visual Studio (31), CSSEdit (26), and Gimp (25).

Our thanks and appreciation to everyone who participated in the quick survey!  We’ll be doing more highly-focused, low-impact surveys in the future—sign up for the AEA newsletter or subscribe to our feed (or both!) to hear about them as soon as they open up.