Responsive Images Are Here. Now What? by Jason Grigsby—An Event Apart video

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It took nearly four years, four proposed standards, the formation of a community group, and a funding campaign to pay for development, but we finally got what we've been clamoring for—a solution for responsive images baked into browsers. Now the hard work begins.

In this 60-minute presentation, captured live at An Event Apart Austin, Jason Grigsby shows us how to use the new responsive image specifications, which ones are appropriate for which images, and how to tackle the riddle of responsive image breakpoints.

Jason Grigsby got his first mobile phone in 2000, and has been obsessed ever since with how the world could be a better place if everyone had access to the world's information in their pockets. Since co-founding Cloud Four in 2007, he has worked on fantastic projects, including the Obama iPhone App. Jason is a sought‐after speaker and consultant on mobile, and the founder and president of Mobile Portland, a nonprofit. You can find him blogging at; on his personal site,; and on Twitter as @grigs.

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