Articles, Links, and Tools From An Event Apart San Francisco 2019

An in-progress compendium of articles, links, tools, and other resources shared by our speakers at An Event Apart San Francisco 2019.

Networking Tips

Jeffrey Zeldman, “Slow Design for an Anxious World”

Learn how to create designs that deliberately slow your visitors down, helping them understand more and make better decisions.

Margot Bloomstein, “Designing for Trust in an Uncertain World”

Consumers and citizens alike turn inward for the truth. By designing for empowerment, the smartest organizations meet them there.

Eric Meyer, “Generation Style”

A spotlight on generated content that shows how it can be a generator of creativity as well as a powerful, practical tool for everyday use.

Rachel Andrew, “Now You See It: Understanding Display”

Understanding the interaction between layout methods will enable you to easily create fallbacks for older browsers, and knowing how the various formatting contexts behave unlocks margin collapsing and the behavior of items inside grid or flex layout. The examples used in the talk are available as a CodePen collection.


Normal Flow (Block and Inline Layout)

Display Level 3

Box Generation

Writing Modes



CSS Grid and subgrid


Jen Simmons, “Designing Intrinsic Layouts”

Jen walks you through the thinking process of creating accessible & reusable page and component layouts.

Una Kravets, “Extending CSS With SVG and Houdini”

If you’ve ever wanted to customize CSS itself to do something new, you won’t want to miss this talk.

Sara Soueidan, “SVG Filters: The Crash Course”

Why SVG Filters are awesome, how they work, and examples of powerful effects you can create with them.

More resources that I used to learn SVG Filters and find inspiration from:

Val Head, “Making Motion Inclusive”

How to apply web accessibility guidelines to modern web animation, when and how to implement reduced motion, and approaches to building up animated interactions for a solid standards base.

Jeremy Keith, “Going Offline”

All the knowledge and code you’ll need to free your website from the tyranny of a network connection.



Progressive Web Apps

Laura Martini, “Talking Back: Conversation Design for VUIs”

Find out whether conversation design is right for your product, and how you can adapt your existing design and development processes to this new medium.

Indi Young, “Paying Better Attention to the Problem”

Methods for approaching user research with empathy, and techniques to explore problems and bring creative solutions.

Research Theater

Trying to Correct the Course of Digital Design & Technology

Gift Giving Guide

Derek Featherstone, “Inclusive, by Design”

Case studies of accessibility and inclusion on the web and with apps.

Gerry McGovern, “The Customer-Obsessed Professional”

Become more agile by increasing the amount of customer feedback you receive, and developing faster methods to make changes to your code, content, or design.