Presenting the Fall Summit 2021 Agenda

Online Together: Fall Summit 2021 features fifteen in-depth sessions, each followed by a live, moderated Q&A session with the speaker, plus a special session at the end of each day.

In addition to longtime AEA veterans including Jen Simmons, Sarah Parmenter, Preston So, Jason Grigsby, and Sara Soueidan, and more, we’re thrilled to welcome first-time AEA speakers Erin Casali, Hui Jing Chen, Regine Gilbert, and Tom Greenwood.

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Spanning the spectrum from climate-conscious development to design beyond the screen, and from advanced CSS to inclusive design and development, this three-day online web design conference will give you deep insights into where we are now, and where things are going next.

Attending An Event Apart inspires your creativity, adds to your skill set, and increases your value to your teammates, employers, and clients. With three days filled with expert sessions, community networking and sharing, and six months to re-watch the entire conference on demand, Fall Summit 2021 is the ultimate AEA Online Together experience.

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