Practical Branding by Sarah Parmenter—An Event Apart video

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Over the past few years our skill sets have been firmly planted in understanding this new era of multi-faceted web design. While we've all been busy making sure our designs adhere to the latest flat trend and performance specifications, we've forgotten that what once got us all talking, before we looked under the hood at the code, was visually striking websites. We've come to believe that simply re-designing to increase visual pleasure and memorability is somehow not okay.

In this free 60-minute video, captured live at An Event Apart Orlando: Special Edition, Sarah Parmenter discusses what designing brands (including personal brands) looks like in today's market, and the social ecosystems that accompany them—without a “golden ratio” overlay in sight.

Sarah owns You Know Who, a small British design studio now in its 15th year. She specialises in social media consulting and iOS User Interface design; regularly contributes to various online and printed media; and speaks at related conferences all over the world. Sarah's straight-talking nature and no-fuss approach to projects have landed her many great contracts over the years, with various well known brands in the UK and abroad.

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