One Head, Many Hats: Designing For Social Behavior with Sarah Parmenter at An Event Apart Boston

Love it or loathe it, social media has been burned into everything we do. And, like so much else, it has fallen on the head of the trusty, multiple-hat-wearing web designer to become a social engineer. In addition to everything else we do, it's now our job to design strategies and integrate them into our projects. We're not simply responsible for connecting these services to our websites and applications; we must also know how to blend behaviors, user experience, and traditional design elements into a beautifully harmonious whole that achieves business goals. Sound like a tall order? It is.

But fear not. In her talk “Designing for Social Behavior” at An Event Apart Boston 2015, Sarah Parmenter will teach you how to truly engage with your users. You'll discover the real value of social media reciprocity, and learn how to make it work for you. Sarah's design tips and tricks will help you get those vanity-pleasing, but not particularly helpful, Likes, Friends, and Followers to actually do something meaningful for your organization.

Sarah Parmenter owns You Know Who, a small British design studio now in its tenth year. She specializes in iOS User Interface design, regularly contributes to various online and printed media, and speaks at related conferences all over the world. Sarah's straight-talking nature and no-fuss approach to projects have landed her many great contracts over the years, with various well-known brands in the UK, US, and abroad.

Sarah is but one of twelve extraordinary presenters appearing at An Event Apart Boston 2015. See them all! Following the two-day conference of twelve great sessions comes A Day Apart: Everything You Wanted to Know About Responsive Design…And Less!, led by Brad Frost (Atomic Design). You can register just for the two-day conference, just for A Day Apart, or save $100 when you sign up for all three days. Check the schedule for details, and save an additional $100 if you register now through March 16.

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