New Users Matter, Too! Designing Better Onboarding Experiences by Krystal Higgins

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First impressions matter. A good first-time user experience establishes a foundation for future engagement, while a bad one can mean abandonment. What kind of first impression is your product giving? This free 60-minute video, captured live at An Event Apart Orlando: Special Edition, is for anyone who designs products and wants to create an experience that better engages and informs new users.

In this dynamic and entertaining presentation, Krystal Higgins gives you an overview of best practices as they relate to learning and engagement, including patterns and anti-patterns. You'll also get suggestions for next steps, regardless of whether you're starting on a fresh new site or product , or revising an existing one.

Krystal is a senior user experience designer who loves tackling complex design challenges. One area she is extremely passionate about is the onboarding and education of new users. She shares tips for designing new user experiences on her design blog and maintains a collection of onboarding reviews from websites, apps, and other products.

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