Meeting the User Where They Are: Contemplating Content and Context with Derek Featherstone

When most people consider responsive web design, they think of fluid grids, and of adapting the layout of components in a site or application to any device in which the layout may be viewed. But, important as layout may be, design goes far beyond it. How far can responsive design considerations go? Consider combining content, context, and behavior in ways that let us create truly responsive sites—sites that literally respond to the needs of the people using them, when they're using them, and how they're using them.

Sound interesting? It did to us, too. Which is why we invited Derek Featherstone to present his thesis on the subject, “Content in Context is King,” at An Event Apart Boston 2015. In it, Derek will show us ways to use clues like time, location, proximity, capabilities, and preferences to create better designs for our users. And after accounting for the device's form factor, capabilities, and features, he'll look at the context of use and the art of anticipation—just two ways of delivering a more thoughtful, more useful user experience for everyone.

Derek Featherstone is an internationally known speaker and authority on accessibility and web design. He has been working as a web professional since 1999,and leads the team at Simply Accessible, based in Ottawa, Canada. Derek's ideal accessible experience combines engaging and rich content with brilliant design and technical development excellence. That user-centered focus sets the course for Simply Accessible, and—more importantly—their clients.

Derek is but one of twelve extraordinary presenters appearing at An Event Apart Boston 2015. See them all! Following the two-day conference of twelve great sessions comes A Day Apart: Everything You Wanted to Know About Responsive Design…And Less!, led by Brad Frost (Atomic Design). You can register just for the two-day conference, just for A Day Apart, or save $100 when you sign up for all three days. Check the schedule for details, and save an additional $100 if you register now through March 16.