Meet Our New Fall Summit Speakers

We can’t wait to share fifteen enlightening and inspiring sessions with you at An Event Apart Online Together: Fall Summit 2021, October 11–13. Our speakers are among the smartest and most innovative in the industry, and Fall Summit 2021 features five experts who’ll be speaking at AEA for the first time.

Get to know each of our new speakers by joining AEA co-founders Jeffrey Zeldman and Eric Meyer for a series of special interviews this month. Each interview will be aired on the AEA website, Facebook, and YouTube.

Fall Summit 2021 Meet the Speaker Interview Series Schedule

  1. Eva PenzeyMoog

    Fall Summit talk: “Justice, Safety, Compassion: Contributing to the Ethical Tech Paradigm Shift

    Hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman

  2. Hui Jing Chen

    Fall Summit talk: “Our Stylish Future

    Hosted by Eric Meyer

  3. Erin Casali

    Fall Summit talk: “The Craft of Feedback

    Hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman

  4. Regine Gilbert

    Fall Summit talk: “Data and Sound

    Hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman

  5. Tom Greenwood

    Fall Summit talk: “Zero Waste Web Design

    Hosted by Eric Meyer

And don’t miss out on our September Special:

Purchase a Fall Summit 2021 three-day pass during the month of September and receive a free copy of Eva PenzeyMoog’s new ebook, Design for Safety.

By registering for the three-day event, you’ll not only enjoy inspiration and instruction from fifteen of the industry’s top experts, you’ll also receive a copy of Eva’s new ebook to help you build better, safer digital products from the start.

Don’t miss out—see our detailed three-day schedule and register today!