Master the Art of Designing Exceptional Mobile Experiences

The universe altered in 2007 when the first iPhone ushered in our new era of touch-powered devices. Our personal lives have changed, and we’ve had half a decade to understand how to design for this new world, thanks to the rise of Responsive Web Design, pioneered by Ethan Marcotte on An Event Apart’s stage five years ago. Yet despite having had eight years to accept multi-device design as the new normal, and five years to change the way we create and sell design as a response to this new reality, incredibly, most of our websites are still optimized for mouse and cursor!

That’s all about to change.

Just as Responsive Web Design reminded us that the web is not limited to a single output (the desktop screen), we now know that the web is not limited to a single input, either. Touch is a big part of the new frontier in web design and development. Are you ready for it? Ready to create usable, delightful, fresh new interfaces that take advantage of everything our ever-expanding device multiverse has to offer in terms of inputs and capabilities? You will be when you attend “A Day Apart: Designing Exceptional Mobile Experiences,” led by AEA speaker Josh Clark, author of Designing For Touch (A Book Apart). This special all-day learning session will be presented at two AEA events in 2016:

In “A Day Apart: Designing Exceptional Mobile Experiences,” you’ll be immersed in ideas, techniques, and strategies that will change our design and development work forever.  Learn how touch changes user expectations and requires entirely new interactions. Explore the possibilities and pitfalls of gestures on the web. Find out how to use mobile sensors for both efficiency and delight, even pushing interaction off the screen entirely. Understand how mobile web browsers play a crucial role in the emerging internet of things, and what that means in your daily work.

After decades of discussing design in terms of “look and feel,” we now have the ability to actually design for physical feeling, doing for the hand what design has always done for the eye. “A Day Apart: Designing Exceptional Mobile Experiences” will be packed with career-powering revelations, and you can be part of it in either Nashville or Boston. Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn the ups and downs (and swipes and taps) of designing for touch from the designer with the master touch.