AEA Video: Ethan Marcotte – 'Rolling Up Our Responsive Sleeves'

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On this full-length Friday, we happily present "Rolling Up Our Responsive Sleeves," An Event Apart presentation by Ethan Marcotte, author of Responsive Web Design. The session was captured live at An Event Apart Boston on June 18, 2012.

We’ve discussed at length the fundamentals of responsive design, combining fluid grids and media queries to create more flexible, device-agnostic sites. So does that mean responsive design is a magic formula that solves all our problems? Well, no. But thankfully, we didn’t get into web design because we wanted to be bored. In this session Ethan reviews strategies for handling trickier elements that would make even the most seasoned designer quail: stuff like advertising, complex layouts, deep navigation patterns, third-party media, and, yes, actual, honest-to-goodness content.

An Event Apart Boston 2012 featured 12 great speakers and sessions, plus a full day workshop on designing for mobile and beyond. More videos will be posted here soon. An Event Apart will hold eight conferences in 2013. Attend the one nearest you, or pick a city you've always wanted to visit.

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