“Making Research Count” by Cyd Harrell—An Event Apart video

Video URL: http://vimeo.com/382301462

It’s hard to do really impactful user research, not just because research techniques aren’t easy but because getting the permission, time, budget, and attention can be huge challenges on their own. In this hour-long talk, recorded live at An Event Apart DC 2019, Cyd Harrell discusses how to build a valuable research practice in any company by doing strong small research projects and involving the broader team. She covers both technical tips (such as how to create simple templates for data recording that make research synthesis easier) and communication advice gained from decades of expanding the reach of research in organizations large and small. If your team hasn’t yet made user research a core part of your design and product work, you’ll come away from this talk with a map of how to start. And if you already do research but see it ignored or dismissed, you’ll hear with new ways to make sure it gets the attention and influence it should have.

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