Laziness in the Time of Responsive Design by Ethan Marcotte—An Event Apart video

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As screens and input types evolve, we're managing more complexity in our designs than ever before: our layouts are becoming more flexible and responsive; our interfaces, more immersive. Maybe we can look for simpler approaches?

In this unique presentation captured live at An Event Apart Austin, Ethan Marcotte (creator of responsive web design and author, Responsive Web Design and Responsive Design: Patterns and Principles) walks us through some seemingly complex (what else?) responsive designs, and shows us how we might do a whole lot more with a little bit less.

Ethan Marcotte is a designer/developer who is passionate about beautiful design, elegant code, and the intersection of the two. He cofounded Editorially, and over the years his clientele has included People Magazine, New York Magazine, the Sundance Film Festival, and The Boston Globe.

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