Just Enough Research by Erika Hall—An Event Apart Video

Video URL: http://vimeo.com/129039134

Every product, service, or interface we design in the safety and comfort of our workplaces has to survive and thrive in the real world. This means countless strangers will be using our creations in a chaotic environment over which we have no control. Research is the key to grounding ideas in reality and improving the odds of success, but research can be a very scary word. It may sound like money you don't have, time you can't spare, and expertise you have to seek.

Fear no more. In this 60-minute video, captured live at An Event Apart Orlando: Special Edition, Erika Hall presents practical, effective, efficient techniques that work within any design and development process to give you invaluable insight into your users and what they need and value. Not only will you reduce the risk of a wrong guess, you'll also uncover new opportunities for innovation.

Erika is the co-founder and Director of Strategy at Mule Design and the author of Just Enough Research (A Book Apart, 2014). She is adept at helping clients articulate their goals and frame their problems to ensure successful design solutions, and encourages everyone to embrace the sure power of the clarifying question. In her spare time, she fights empty and political business jargon at Unsuck It.

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