Jason Grigsby: Mobile First Responsive Web Design – An Event Apart Video

Video URL: http://vimeo.com/122844608

“Mobile First” and responsive web design aren't simply two great tastes that go great together—they represent far more than that. “Mobile First” responsive web design is the responsible way to build responsive design—the best way to create something that is responsive from both a layout and a performance perspective. But if “Mobile First” is the right way to approach responsive design, then why are so few people doing it? Jason Grigsby explains why “Mobile First” responsive design matters, and the techniques needed to make it work, in this 60-minute video captured live at An Event Apart Orlando: Special Edition.

Jason Grigsby is the co-founder of mobile design consultancy Cloud Four, and the founder and president of Mobile Portland, a local nonprofit dedicated to promoting the mobile community in Portland, Oregon. He is a sought‐after speaker and consultant on mobile. You can find him blogging at cloudfour.com; on his personal site, userfirstweb.com; and on Twitter as @grigs.

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