Jaimee Newberry: The Tools I Use

The latest in our series “The Tools We Use” features Jaimee Newberry, co-founder of Picture This Clothing.

Trello: My company uses Trello to track our product flow from processing, through production, to shipping and any little nuances in-between. It's a lifesaver and keeps us super organized. We also use a separate board for individual team to-dos, priorities, and “things to do if there's nothing to do” lists. I have a personal Trello board to keep master lists of things I need to do, a few of lists on my personal board include:

  • Household

  • Parenting

  • Health

  • Big Bulky Desires

  • What's Important

  • #tinychallenges.

Pocket-sized notebook: Currently using a hardcover Moleskine I got in a conference goodie bag. I use this for my Daily 3 - each morning I consult my Trello master list and pick three priorities to focus on, I write them in my pocket-sized book. I also keep it with me for things that pop up throughout the day, phone call or meeting notes/doodles, ideas, etc. Things that may need to end up back on the Trello master list.

iCal: I know, I know. But it's the one that works best for me! Appointments and whatnot, it all goes in here. If I'm ever a no-show, it didn't make it into my calendar. I'm rarely ever a no-show, but sadly, it has happened.

1Password: This is a newer one to me but I recently discovered the hard way how badly I needed this in my life. It's got some learning curve, but I think it's a better approach than the previous ten years of using “the usual password,” or the usual password plus some variation of extra characters when “the usual” doesn't meet the password criteria, then forgetting which variation I had to use, then nearly throwing my computer through a window out of frustration when I can't remember my password...