Announcing Fall Summit 2021 “After Hours” Special Events

As An Event Apart Online Together: Fall Summit 2021 draws closer, we’ve added even more content to inspire you. In addition to fifteen sessions from the industry’s top experts, we’re excited to announce “After Hours” conversations at the end of each conference day:

Monday, October 11: A Conversation with Kristina Halvorson

Join Kristina Halvorson and host Eric Meyer as they talk about why content strategists never appear on “UX hero” lists, the role you can play in forging connections between silos, cultivating inclusivity and diversity in the content design community, being true to yourself, and much more, including answering questions from the attendees.

Tuesday, October 12: A​ Conversation​ With Mike Essl

Legendary designer ​Mike Essl ​and co-host Jeffrey Zeldman discuss graphic design, Essl’s inspiring web and print design work, his portfolio and career highlights, and what it’s like to be Dean at The Cooper Union ​School of Art. Come for the stories, stay for the inspiration.

Wednesday, October 13: Fall Summit 2021 Wrap-Up with Jeffrey Zeldman and Eric Meyer

These two web veterans and AEA founders look back on Fall Summit 2021 — talking about the themes that emerged and how they came together. Eric and Jeffrey will share the moments that got them the most excited, and offer ideas and resources for further learning after the event.

Attending An Event Apart will energize your creativity and increase your value to your teammates, employers, and clients. With three days filled with expert sessions, community networking and sharing, and six months to re-watch the entire conference on demand, Fall Summit 2021 is the ultimate AEA Online Together experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take your career to the next level. Check out the Fall Summit 2021 three-day schedule and register today!