“Durable Design” by Jon Tan—An Event Apart video

Video URL: http://vimeo.com/316951307

Where should web design go next?

In a passionate 60-minute presentation captured live at An Event Apart Orlando 2018, designer Jon Tan makes a radical argument for recidivism in our design thinking: a return to durable, aesthetic, and inclusive web design.

Through evidence and examples, you’ll learn to design for serendipity, for speed, and for economy of time, resources, and attention. Durable design is responsive design for the next decade, and it starts now.

Jon Tan is a designer and typographer who co-founded the web fonts service, Fontdeck. He is a partner in Fictive Kin, where he worked with friends making things like Brooklyn Beta and Mapalong. Jon’s addiction to web typography led him to start co-writing a book on the subject, and share snippets of type news via @t8y. He also writes for publications like 8 Faces and Typographica, speaks at international events, and works with such organizations as the BBC. Jon is based in Mild Bunch HQ, the co-working studio he started in Bristol, UK. He can often be found wrestling with his two sons, losing, then celebrating the fact as @jontangerine on Twitter.

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