Designing for Performance by Lara Callender Hogan—An Event Apart video

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As a web designer or front-end developer, you have tough choices to make when it comes to weighing aesthetics and performance. Images, fonts, layout, and interactivity are necessary to engage your audience, and each has an enormous impact on page load time and the overall user experience.

In this informative and delightful 60-minute presentation, captured live at An Event Apart Orlando: Special Edition, the design and front-end conference, Lara Hogan (author, Designing for Performance and Demystifying Public Speaking) focuses on performance basics from a design and front-end perspective, including tips for optimizing design assets and patterns. She also includes tips for approaching your project with page speed in mind, how to make decisions about aesthetics and speed during the design process, and how to help those around you care about performance.

This video is close-captioned.

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