Designing Engagement by Jaimee Newberry – AEA Video

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Engagement metrics aside, how are you engaging your users at an emotional level? How much thinking goes into the personality and tone of your product? What about writing the error messages, alerts, calls-to-action, descriptions, or release notes? Learn to design engagement the same way you design interfaces in this 60-minute video captured live at An Event Apart Orlando: Special Edition.

Whether you have a playful concept, a big brand product yet to be built, or a product that's been out for a while, Jaimee Newberry shares important considerations in design thinking, on-boarding, and copywriting to help your products become more fun, more delightful, and more emotionally engaging experiences for your users.

Jaimee Newberry led the efforts behind the first iPad, iPhone, and Android apps for Zappos in 2010-2011. In 2011-2013, she held post as Black Pixel's Director of User Experience working on top secret iOS projects for Fortune 100 companies and promising startups. Today Jaime is an independent consultant, coach, speaker, and writer with focus on helping Fortune 100 companies, agencies, and startups nourish the growth, development, management, and happiness of their internal design teams. She provides corporate and personal coaching for people in creative fields striving to reach their best in life and career.

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